Okay, I gotta be quick BUT ZOMG I saw The Eleventh Hour Saturday and some things are totally spazzing me out XD

1. The Doctor meets Amy (according to the 14 years from present day) in 1996 in Knebworth AKA Year and site of the BIGGEST OASIS CONCERT EVER!!! XD (Fandoms collide = Me very happy ^_^)

2. Rory's ID tag says 30/11/1990. How could he have his ID issued 30 November 1990?! HE'S WAAAYYY TOO YOUNG! D: It doesn't make any sense!

3. The silence will fall... Too obvious to be the theme? Maybe? Or is it cleverly put out there for us?



So, far I've only seen episode one, but already I'm feeling the rush of being hooked to Doctor Who again <3

I &lt;3 You

Twitter Challenge: 2 chapters done 3(?) to go.....

Writing my fic for madferourkid  challenge 3 :) I'm on chapter 2, not terribly pleased with chapter 1... I think it needs a bit of revising. But I am lovin' chapter 2 XD I don't think it will be quite as long as chapter 1, but ti is so much fun to write. The only down side is now I have a massive sex scene to write.... I now understand what morcad  means... It is becoming a bit of a drag. Maybe I just need to spice it up ;)

I think there will be 5 chapters total.... Unless of course this Twitter Gate fiasco developes further in which case, my fic only covers up to May 3rd... And so far it doean't end on a happy note. Liam and Noel SERIOUSLY need to give me a happy ending man... Either that or i'll just make one up lol

Oh, and I'm gonna be probably needing a beta to assure me that this all makes sense as soon as I finish chapter 4 (those are the chapters with plots for all intensive purposes set in stone) So... um, any volunteers? XD And this fic still doesn't have a name....

Brotherly Love

Fic: Sweet Revenge (Sticky Notes Part 2) Liam/Noel (Oasis Slash)

Title: Sticky Notes Part Deux: Sweet Revenge
Author: Kimori1024/ Vicki
Rating: Mature
Paring: Noel/Liam
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. I don't even own my mind on most days. This story is purely fictional and in no way is related to the band Oasis or any of its members. This is from my thoroughly messed up imagination.
Summary: Liam seeks revenge on Noel during an interview. Sequel to 'Sticky Notes'

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Liam and Noel Gallagher Oasis LJ

Fic: Sticky Notes (Oasis Slash/ RPF)

Uh right, so I've never written RPF before and have limited experience writing slash. However, I was inspired by a pad of sticky notes and this happened.... As a warning to many on my f-list, if you're not into this sort of thing please excuse my insanity. ^_^;

Title: Sticky Notes
Author: Kimori1024/ Vicki
Rating: Teen-ish? Non-graphic insinuations/ mild language
Paring: Noel/Liam
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. I don't even own my mind on most days. This story is purely fictional and in no way is related to the band Oasis or any of its members. This is from my thoroughly messed up imagination.
Summary: Liam and Noel are forced to share a hotel room and feel the need to mark their territory.

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Part 2 ~ 'Sweet revenge'
Keep The Faith

Wallpaper: Time Waits For No Man (The Next Doctor)

I was bored and trying to put off homework (I do that a lot) so I decided to make a new wallpaper! So we've all seen the pics of DM's Doctor in 'The Next Doctor' with a fob watch so I played off of that idea... Anyway, I thought I'd share :)

(Click to enlarge - Full size in 1024x768)

The words say 'Time Waits For No Man' and images include a TND promo, screencaps (Thanks to Time and Space) and a few pictures found on google search. Enjoy! And comments are lovely especially if you snag ^_^

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My Right Hand Made Me Do It

Fic: Never Say Never Chapter 16

Title: Never Say Never
Author: Vicki/ kimori1024 
Spoilers: Through Journey’s End
Pairing/ Characters: Ten/Rose, Clone!Ten/Rose (implied), Tori (OC)/Rob(OC), various characters
Summary: They had both been told never so long they had almost started to believe it. Almost.
Disclaimer:  I own nothing. Except for David Tennant (He just doesn’t know it yet...)
A/N: Thanks to everyone who has been reading and reviewing! You guys keep me going!
Previous Parts Archived:
A Teaspoon & an Open Mind 

Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6  / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14
Chapter 15

Chapter 16 - ( A manic grin spread across his face when he watched her eyes light up. It had been a long time since those beautiful dark pools had expressed any bit of joy. It was that look alone that might just give him the strength to keep going. )

Keep The Faith

Fic: One Night in Paris - Chapter 14: Revelations & Running

Title: One Night In Paris
Chapter:  14  - Revelations & Running
Author: Vicki/ kimori1024
Characters/Pairing: Doctor (9)/Rose, Four/Romana
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Spoilers: Series 1 minimal spoilers (AU Post - TPotW)
Summary: The Doctor promises Rose a holiday and they end up in Paris France, 1979. Rose is thrilled, but why is the Doctor so on edge?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who or any of the characters as the BBC has the prior claim. I really don’t own anything but my own mind and on most days that is an uncertainty.
A/N: I know this hasn't been updated in AGES, but I hope this new chapter is worth it! Thank you so much to everyone who contacted me with encouragement to continue, this chapter (especially amberfocus  for her kind comments) is dedicated to all of you! Comment are yummy like jellybabies! ;) Follow fake cut to Teaspoon below, and enjoy!
Previous Chapters Archived: A Teaspoon and an Open Mind

Chapter 13 -
( “This scarf wearing buffoon is in fact...” He paused and swallowed deeply as if a horrible taste just wouldn’t leave his mouth. “The Doctor.”)

Fancy a shag

Fic: Means To An End (1/1)

Title: Means To An End
Author: Vicki/ Kimori1024
Characters: Nine/Rose
Rating: ADULT
Authors Note: Too long to be a drabble, too short to be a one off. Anyway, just popped into my head ;) Smutty and fun and complete PWP. Enjoy! Now back to work on more substantial fics... lol

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Fancy a shag

Fic: Contemplating Passion (1/1)

Title: Contemplating Passion
Rating: Adult
Summary: The Doctor contemplates his relationship with Rose after a particularly satisfying shower.
Disclaimer:  I own nothing. Except for Chris Eccleston (He just doesn’t know it yet...)
A/N: Woke up a few days ago with this story being narrated in my head.... Wanted to share! Shameless smutty fluff! Enjoy!

"Oh... Oh... Oh, my- Oh, Doctor!!!!!” She screamed out his name as she came. It was the very last thing he heard before his own strangled cries as he joined her.)

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